A military promotion is an exciting event for any military family. We found out that my husband was selected for promotion to Captain, and started planing about 6 months before the ceremony.  He had the honor of being promoted by a Brigadier General, and we wanted to make the ceremony as memorable as possible.

Since this was a formal ceremony, we needed invitations, a program, and a script. We also needed a Master of Ceremonies, Chaplain, the promoting officer- Brigadier General, and music for the Engineer Song and the Army Song. We decided to hold the ceremony in a nearby conference center from where he worked.

Download my free editable Army Promotion Ceremony Invitation Template HERE

We opted for a full meal for our guests as the ceremony was at 11:00, and planned for about 50 attendees. We have a Traeger gill, and Mr. S is quite the grill-master, so we opted for a BBQ lunch.

The Menu:

Smoked Pulled Pork

Shredded Hashbrown Casserole

Ranch & Bacon Pasta Salad

Sunflower Crunch Salad

Baked Beans

Hawaiian Rolls

Sweet and Unsweet Tea

Black Cherry Lemonade

Cake & Cupcakes

Both of our families came to visit the week of the ceremony so I had plenty of help setting up the conference room for the ceremony and cooking! My mom took a cake baking class to learn how to make and decorate the cream-cheese-filled strawberry cake with vanilla buttercream frosting for the ceremony, and my sister and I helped her frost it. It looked- and tasted- AMAZING!! We also made cupcakes from the leftover batter, filling and frosting!

For the tables and decorations, I got a roll of white plastic tablecloth to cover all the tables. We made the centerpieces with one blue mason jar and two clear mason jars tied together with blue and red wired ribbon and bows. I ordered fresh cut red and white carnations and patriotic spider mums to fill the jars, and sat them on red cloth napkins in the center of each table.





For the cake table, I used a red plastic tablecloth covered with a large piece of lace, and arranged the programs and flowers on the table with the forks, napkins, plates, and of course- cake!


The fresh cut flowers were the only snag in an otherwise perfectly planned event. Although I ordered the flowers a month in advance to be delivered 3 days before the ceremony, the day before they were supposed to be delivered they were still in Columbia, and FedEx had scheduled them to be delivered the Saturday AFTER the ceremony! I don’t think I ever would have received them without repeated calls to Sam’s Club customer service. I did end up receiving the flowers in just enough time, but the last minute stress wasn’t worth it! I would not recommend using Sam’s Club for fresh flowers for any important event, and would recommend using Fifty Flowers instead. They are a little more expensive, but they guarantee your flowers will arrive on time! Well worth it, if you ask me!

The promotion ceremony was on Friday at 11 a.m., and we started preparations on Wednesday. The guys set up the conference room, moved the tables, and set up the flags for the ceremony  while the ladies worked on the cake, cupcakes, and flowers. The cake and cupcakes took quite a bit of time to make and decorate, so it was a good thing we started early! We also cut and started hydrating the flowers so they would open up in time for the ceremony as well.



On Thursday we prepped the salads and potatoes, decorated all the tables, and cut and arranged the flowers in the centerpieces. Mr. S smoked the pork all Thursday night so it was ready to pull early Friday morning.

Friday morning was the big day! We took in the cake and meat, and I picked up the baked beans from an awesome co-worker whose aunt made them for me. We finished setting everything up in plenty of time. Mr. S had a meeting the morning of the ceremony and received an award, and the family met with Brigadier General Turner before the ceremony, while our friends baked the potatoes and made the finishing touches.

The ceremony started right on time, and went perfectly without a hitch! We had plenty of food, the decorations and tables looked beautiful, and we even had some leftovers and plenty of flowers to take home!






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